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HORACE E. SCUDDER, Supervising Editor

With Introductions, Notes, Historical Sketches, and Biographical
Sketches. Each regular single number, paper, 15 cents.
All prices of the Riverside Literature Series are net.

3. Longfellow's Evangeline.*‡‡

2. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish; Elizabeth.*

3. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish.


4. Whittier's Snow-Bound, and Other Poems.***

5. Whittier's Mabel Martin, and Other Poems.**

6. Holmes's Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle, etc.**

7, 8, 9. Hawthorne's Grandfather's Chair. In three parts.‡‡

10. Hawthorne's Biographical Stories. With Questions.*** 11. Longfellow's Children's Hour, and Other Poems.**

12. Studies in Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, and Lowell. 13, 14. Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha.

In two parts. ̧

15. Lowell's Under the Old Elm, and Other Poems.**

16. Bayard Taylor's Lars: a Pastoral of Norway; and Other Poems.
In two parts.+
17, 18. Hawthorne's Wonder-Book.

19, 20. Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. In two parts.‡

21. Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, etc.

22, 23. Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales. In two parts.‡

24. Washington's Rules of Conduct, Letters, and Addresses.*

25, 25. Longfellow's Golden Legend. In two parts.‡

27. Thoreau's Succession of Forest Trees, Wild Apples, and Sounds. With a Biographical Sketch by R. W. EMERSON.‡‡

28. John Burroughs's Birds and Bees**.‡‡

29. Hawthorne's Little Daffydowndilly, and Other Stories.***

30. Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, and Other Poems.*‡‡**

31. Holmes's My Hunt after the Captain, and Other Papers.**

32. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech, etc.**

33, 34, 35. Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn. In three parts.‡‡ 36. John Burroughs's Sharp Eyes, and Other Papers.**

37. Charles Dudley Warner's A-Hunting of the Deer, etc.*‡‡

38. Longfellow's Building of the Ship, and Other Poems. 39. Lowell's Books and Libraries, and Other Papers.**

40. Hawthorne's Tales of the White Hills, and Sketches.**

41. Whittier's Tent on the Beach, and Associated Poems.

42. Emerson's Fortune of the Republic. The American Scholar, etc.**

43. Ulysses among the Phæacians. From BRYANT'S Translation of Homer's Odyssey.*

44. Edgeworth's Waste Not, Want Not; and The Barring Out.

45. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome.*

46. Old Testament Stories in Scripture Language.

47, 48. Fables and Foik Stories. In two parts.‡

49, 50. Hans Andersen's Stories. In two parts.

51, 52. Washington Irving: Essays from the Sketch Book. Winkle, etc. [52] The Voyage, etc. In two parts.‡

[51] Rip Van

53. Scott's Lady of the Lake. ROLFE. (Double Number, 30 cents. Also, in Rolfe's Students' Series, cloth, to Teachers, 53 cents.)

54. Bryant's Sella, Thanatopsis, and Other Poems.*
55. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. THURBER.***
56. Webster's First Bunker Hill; Adams and Jefferson.
57. Dickens's Christmas Carol.**

58. Dickens's Cricket on the Hearth.**

59. Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading.*

60, 61. The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers. In two parts.

62. John Fiske's War of Independence.§

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63. Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride, and Other Poems.**

64, 65, 66. Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare. In three parts.‡‡

67. Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.* **

68. Goldsmith's Deserted Village, the Traveller, and Other Poems.

69. Hawthorne's Old Manse, and a Few Mosses.**

70. A Selection from Whittier's Child Life in Poetry.**

71. A Selection from Whittier's Child Life in Prose.**

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