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Parables of the Chap. xiii.

hidden treasure, &c. 29 But he said, Nay; lest 36 | Then Jesus sent the while ye gather up the tares, multitude away, and went into ye root up also the wheat with the house; and his disciples them.

came unto him, saying, De• 30 Let both grow together clare unto us the parable of until the harvest; and in the the tares of the field. time of harvest I will say to 37 He answered, and said the reapers, Gather ye toge- unto them, He that soweth the ther first the tares, and bind good seed is the Son of man; them in bundles to burn them; 38 The field is the world ; but gather the wheat into my the good seed are the children barn.

of the kingdom ; but the tares 31 Another parable put he are the children of the wicked forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a 39 The enemy that sowed grain of mustard-seed, which them is the devil; the harvest a man took, and sowed in his is the end of the world; and field :

the reapers are the angels. 32 Which indeed is the least 40 As, therefore, the tares of all seeds; but when it is are gathered and burned in the grown it is the greatest among fire; so shall it be in the end herbs, and becometh a tree; of this world. so that the birds of the air 41 The Son of man shall send come and lodge in the branch- forth his angels, and they shall es thereof.

gather out of his kingdom all 33 9 Another parable spake things that offend, and them he unto them, The kingdom of which do iniquity, heaven is like unto leaven, f 42 And shall cast them into which a woman took, and hid a furnace of fire; there shall in three measures of meal, till be wailing and gnashing of the whole was leavened. teeth.

34 All these things spake 43 Then shall the righteous Jesus unto the multitude in shine forth as the sun in the parables; and without a par- kingdom of their Father. Who able spake he not unto them : hath ears to hear, let him

35 That it might be fulfil- hear. led which was spoken by the 44 Again, the kingdom of prophet, saying, I will open heaven is like unto treasure my mouth in parables; I will hid in a field; the which when utter things which have been a man hath found he hideth, kept secret from the foundation and, for joy thereof, goeth and of the world.

selleth all that he hath, and

buyeth that field. f Leaven, yeast or ferment.

45 | Again, the kingdom of

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Parable of the net. S. Matthew. Christ contemned.. heaven is like unto a merchant- ed, and said, Whence hath man seeking goodly pearls : this man this wisdom, and

46 Who, when he had found these mighty works ? one pearl of great price, went 55 Is not this the carpenand sold all that he had, and ter's son ? is not his mother bought it.

called Mary ? and his breth47 1 Again, the kingdom of ren, James, and Joses, and heaven ke unto a net that Simon, and Judas ? was cast into the sea, and 56 And his sisters, are they gathered of every kind : not all with us ? Whence then

48 Which, when it was full, hath this man all these things? they drew to shore, and sat 57 And they were offended down, and gathered the good in him. But Jesus said unto into vessels, but cast the bad them, A prophet is not withaway.

out honour, save h in his own 49 So shall it be at the end country, and in his own house. of the world; the angels shall 58 And he did not many come forth, and severgo the mighty works there, because wicked from among the just, of their unbelief.

50 And shall cast them into the furnace of fire; there shall

CHAP. XIV. be wailing and gnashing of 1 Herod's opinion of Christ. teeth.

3 John Baptist beheaded. 13. 51 Jesus saith unto them, Five thousand fed. Have ye understood all these AT that time Herod the things? They say unto him, tetrarch a heard of the fame of Yea, Lord.

Jesus, 52 Then said he unto them, 2 And said unto his serTherefore every scribe which vants, This is John the Bapis instructed unto the kingdom tist; he is risen from the dead; of heaven is like unto a man and therefore mighty works b that is an householder, which do shew forth themselves in bringeth forth out of his trea- him. sure things new and old.

3 | For Herod had laid 53 4 And it came to pass, hold on John, and bound him, that, when Jesus had finish- and put him in prison for Heed these parables, he departed rodias' sake, his brother Phithence.

lip's wife. 54 And when he was come

b Save, except. into his own country he taught them in their synagogue, inso

a Tetrarch, governor of a fourth much that they were astonish

part of a kingdom or country.

6 Mighty works, &c. miracles are Sever, to separate.

performed by him.

John Baptist beheaded.

Chap. xiv.

Fire thousand fed. 4 For John said unto him, and was moved with compasIt is not lawful for thee to sion toward them, and he have her.

healed their sick. 5 And when he would have 15 [ And when it was ev. put him to death he feared the ening his disciples came to multitude, because they count- him, saying, This is a desert ed him as a prophet.

place, and the time is now 6 But when Herod's birth- past;e send the multitude aday was kept, the daughter of way, that they may go into the Herodias danced before them, villages, and buy themselves and pleased Herod.

vietuals. 7 Whereupon he promised 16 But Jesus said unto with an oath to give her what. them, They need not depart; soever she would ask.

give ye them to eat. 8 And she, being before in- 17 And they say unto him, structed of her mother, said, We have here but five loaves Give me. here John Baptist's and two fishes. head in a charger.c

18 He said, Bring them hi9 And the king was sorry; ther to me. nevertheless, for the oath's 19 And he commanded the sake, and them which sat multitude to sit down on the with him at meat, he com- grass, and took the five loaves manded it to be given her. and the two fishes, and, look

10 And he sent and behead- ing up to heaven, he blessed, ed John in the prison.

and brake, and gave

the loaves 11 And his head was to his disciples, and the disci. brought in a charger, and ples to the multitude. given to the damsel ; and she 20 And they did all eat, and brought it to her mother.

were filled; and they took up 12 And his disciples came, of the fragments that remainand took


the body, and bu- ed twelve baskets full. ried it, and went and told Je- 21 And they that had eaten

were about five thousand men, 13 [ When Jesus heard of besides women and children. it he departed thence by ship 22 1 And straightway f Je. into a desert place apart;d sus constrained his disciples to and, when the people had get into a ship, and to go beheard thereof, they followed fore him unto the other side, him on foot out of the cities. while he sent the multitudes Christ walketh on the sea. S. Matthew. Of men's traditions.

14 And Jesus went forth, away. and saw a great multitude,

e The time is now past, the day is 6 Charger, a basin. d Apart, alone.

Straigbtway, immediately.


far spent.

23 And when he had sent 33 Then they that were in the multitudes away, he went the ship came and worshipped up into a mountain apart to him, saying, Of a truth thou pray; and when the evening art the Son of God. was come he was there alone. 34 | And when they were

24 But the ship was now in gone over, they came into the the midst of the sea tossed land of Gennesaret. with waves; for the wind was 35 And when the men of contrary.

that place had knowledge of 25 And in the fourth watch him, they sent out into all of the night . Jesus went unto that country round about, and them walking on the sea. brought unto him all that were

26 And when the disciples diseased. saw him walking on the sea 36 And besought him that they were troubled, saying, It they might only touch the hem is a spirit; and they cried out of his garment; and as many for fear.

as touched were made per27 But straightway Jesus fectly whole. spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is İ; be not

CHAP. XV. afraid.

2 God's commandments, and 28 And Peter answered men's traditions. 10 What him, and said, Lord, if it be defileth a man. thou, bid me come unto thee THEN came to Jesus scribes on the water.

and Pharisees, which were of 29 And he said, Come. Jerusalem, saying, And when Peter was

2 Why do thy disciples down out of the ship, he walk- transgress the tradition a of the ed on the water, to go to Jesus. elders; b for they wash not

30 But when he saw the their hands when they eat wind boisterous he was afraid; bread. and, beginning to sink, he 3 But he answered, and said cried, saying, Lord, save me. unto them, Why do ye also

31 And immediately Jesus transgress the commandment stretched forth his hand, and of God by your tradition ? caught him, and said unto 4 For God commanded, saybim, O thou of little faith, ing, Honour thy father and mowherefore didst thou doubt? 32 And when they were

a Tradition, something handed come into the ship the wind down from age to age without being ceased.


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committed to writing ; laws of the

Jews not recorded in the Old Testag Fourth watch, &c. between three and six in the morning, or after mid- b Elders, the ancients; ancient night.

rulers or officers; ancestors.


fited by me,

The scribes reproved. Chap. xv. What defileth a man. ther; and, He that curseth fa- said, Every plant which my ther or mother, let him die the heavenly Father hath not plandeath.

ted shall be rooted up. 5 But ye say, c Whosoever 14 Let them alone; they shall say to his father or his be blind leaders of the blind. mother, It is a gift, by what. And if the blind lead the blind, soever thou mightest be pro- both shall fall into the ditch.

15 Then answered Peter, 6 And honour pot his father and said unto him, Declare unor his mother, he shall be free. to us this parable. Thus have ye made the com

16 And Jesus said, Are ye mandment of God of none effect also yet without understandby your tradition.

ing? 7 Ye hypocrites! well did E- 17 Do not ye yet understand, saias d prophesy of you, saying, that whatsoever entereth in at

8 This people draweth nigh the mouth goeth into the belly, unto me with their mouth, and and is cast out into the draught: honoureth me with their lips; 18 But those things which but their heart is far from me. proceed out of the mouth

9 But in vain they do wor- come forth from the heart, and ship me, teaching for doctrines they defile the man ? the commandments of men. 19 For out of the heart pro

10 1 And he called the mul- ceed evil thoughts, murders, titude, and said unto them, adulteries, fornications, thefts, Hear, and understand : false witness, blasphemies;

11 Not that which goeth 20 These are the things into the mouth defileth a man; which defile a man; but to eat but that which cometh out of with unwashen hands defileth the mouth, this defileth a man. not a man.

12 Then came his disciples, 214 Then Jesus went thence, and said unto him, Knowest and departed into the coast of thou that the Pharisees were Tyre and Sidon. offended after they heard this 22 And, behold, a woman saying?

of Canaan came out of the 13 But he answered, and same coasts, and cried unto

him, saying, Have merey on 6 Verses 5 and 6. But ye say,

if me, O Lord, thou son of David; man say to his distressed father or my daughter is grievously vexmother, “ I give or devote to the al- ed with a devil. tar whatsoever of mine might be 23 But he answered her not appropriated to thy relief," he shall not afterwards be under obligation

a word. And his disciples to honour or relieve them by his as

came and besought him, saysistance.

ing, Send her away; for she d Esaias, Isaiah.

crieth after us.


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