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According to his virtue let us use him,
With all respect and rites of burial.

Within my tent his bones to-night shall lie,
Most like a soldier, order'd honourably.
So call the field to rest; and let 's away,

To part the glories of this happy day.

[The soldiers take up Brutus' body, and all move off, as the scene closes.]

DEC 1 4 1915



ABJECTS: things thrown away, rubbish.

ADDRESSED: (III. i. 32) ready.

ALCHEMY: the power of changing base metals into gold, or a common into a precious thing.

APPREHENSIVE endowed with intelligence.

ATE: the Goddess of Discord.

AUGURERS: professional diviners.

BAY: (IV. iii. 28) to bark at.

BAYED: driven to bay.

BATTLES: (V. i. 4) forces drawn up in order of battle.
BEAR ME HARD: (I. ii. 316) bear a grudge against me.
BEHOLDING: (III. ii. 70) obliged.

BEND: (I. ii. 123) look; so we say 'to bend one's eyes
BREAK WITH: (II. i. 156) enter on dealings with.

on a thing.

CARRIONS: corpses.

CAUTELOUS: crafty.

CENSURE: to judge.

CEREMONIES: festal decorations (I. i. 67); signs, portents (II. i. 207, ii. 13).
CHARACTERY: (II. i. 321) writing; here, signs of care written on the brow.
CHARGES: (IV. ii. 53) the forces of which they are in charge.

CHARM: (II. i. 282) to conjure.

CHOPPED: chapped.

COGNIZANCE: tokens; used as a plural because of its termination.

COMPANION: (IV. iii. 152) fellow (in a scornful sense).

CONCEITED: (I. iii. 168) conceived.

DIFFERENCE: (I. ii. 45) peculiarity.

DISCOMFORT: to discourage.

DRACHMA: a small coin, roughly corresponding to a shilling.

[blocks in formation]

FORMER (V. i. 87) foremost, front.

GENERAL: 'the general' (II. i. 12), the common or public cause.

GOES UP: (V. i. 55) returns into the sheath.

GRIEFS grievances.

HAND, at: (IV. ii. 25) at first trial.

HAVOC: No quarter; the signal for indiscriminate slaughter.

HUMOUR: (noun) mood.

HUMOUR (verb, I. ii. 318) to influence, work upon.

IDES OF MARCH: the fifteenth of March in the Roman Calendar.
INDIRECTION: (IV. iii. 82) crooked means.

INSUPPRESSIVE: that cannot be suppressed.

INTERMIT to suspend.

LETHE: slaughter; and in particular the blood of a slain deer.
LIABLE: (II. ii. 107) subject.

LIGHT: (V. iii. 32) alight, dismount.

LUPERCAL: an annual festival celebrated on the fifteenth of February.

MALICE, STRENGTH OF: utmost wish to do harm.

MECHANICAL: of the working classes.

NIGGARD: (IV. iii. 254) to supply sparingly.

OFFENCE: (IV. iii. 225) harm.

[blocks in formation]

UNBRACED with doublet undone; Elizabethan dress is assumed throughout; cf.

'plucked ope his doublet' (I. ii. 269).

UNDERGO (I. iii. 128) to undertake.

WARN (V. i. 5) to offer battle to.

WEIGHING (II. i. 113) marking.

WELL-GIVEN: well disposed.

WIND: (IV. i. 35) to turn in a circle.

DEC 1 6 1915


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