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But when th' illuftrious poet foars above
The sportive revels of the god of love,
Like Maro's Mufe he takes a loftier flight,
And tow'rs beyond the wond'ring Cupid's fight.

If thou wouldst have thy volume stand the test,
And of all others be reputed best,
Let Congreve teach the lift'ning groves to mourn,
As when he wept o'er fair Pastora's urn.

Let Prior's Muse with soft'ning accents move,
Soft as the strains of constant 'Emma's love ;
Or let his fancy chuse some jovial theme,
As when he told Hans Carvel's jealous dream :
Prior th'admiring reader entertains
With Chaucer's humour and with Spencer's strains.

Waller in Granville lives: when Mira sings,
With Waller's hand he strikes the founding strings;
With sprightly turns his noble genius thines,
And manly sense adorns his easy lines.

On Addison's sweet lays attention waits,
And filence guards the place while he repeats :
His Muse alike on ev'ry subje& charms,
Whether the paints the god of love or arms :
In him pathetick Ovid fings again,
And Homer's Iliad shines in his Campaign.
Whenever Garth shall raise his sprightly song,
Sense flows in eafy numbers from his tongue ;
Great Phoebus in his learned son we see,
Alike in physick as in poetry.

When Pope's harmonious Muse with pleasure roves
Amidst the plains, the murm'ring streams and groves,
Attentive Echo, pleas'd to hear his songs,
Thro' the glad Shade each warbling note prolongs ;
His various numbers charm our ravish'd ears,
His steady judgment far outshoots his years,
And early in the youth the god appears.




Prom these successful bards collect thy strains, And praise with profit shall reward thy pains : Then, while calves-leather binding bears the sway, And thecp-skin to it's sleeker glofs gives way; While neat old Elzivir is reckon'd better Than Pirate Hill's brown Meets and scurvy letter ; While print-admirers careful Aldus chuse, Before John Morphew, or the weekly news; So long shall live thy praise in books of fame, And Tonson yield to Lintott's lofty name,



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82 Letter from Cambridge to a young Gentleman at Eton School 86 To Mrs. Gillman

89 History of Porsenna, King of Russia

90 Windsor Forest Hymn to the Creator

128 The Pleasures of Contemplation

129 Ve:fes addressed to the Prince of Wales

132 The Progress of Poetry

135 Elegy in a Country Church-Yard

14-3 A Paitoral Ballad. In Four Parts.

148 The Partridges The Squire and Parson The Poor Man's Prayer

161 Epistle from Lord William Rusel to Lord William Cavendish 165 The Winter's Walk

176 Account of a Journey to Ireland

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