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could have no respect distinctly to him, or his
pofterity,-the institution consequently general,
which is proved by the testimony and assurance
to Abraham that in his leed all the nations of
the earth should be bleffed.
2d Query

Was the validity of the promise marked out by the fcriptures for the manifestation of the Messiah and fulfilling of, and completing the effect, obtained, which since is feventeen hundred and eighty-five years ?

Aaron, Eleazar. No Ifraelite can give a direct answer to your question. Israel cannot rejoin a negative, neither can she reply in the affirmative. If we say, the promise remains incomplete, we arraign the God of truth, and bring the scriptures into disrepute. If we grant the promise perfect and fulfilled, our priests and rulers, with that part of the Jews who adhered at that time with them, in the rejection of Jesus (who openly declared himself the Messiah) with the generality or bulk of our nation, their alsociates, and from thence the confederation, who retain the name of Jews until this day, must be reprobated and condemned. There is no alcernative. God and his fcriptures must be annulled or the Meffiah produced.

Absalom, Mordecai. Not one job of the law thall perish, but shall remain everlastingly.

3d Query, Joshua, Nehemiah. Will the earth and its inhabitants continue in their state, condition, and regulation for ever?

Absalom, Mordecai. Most undoubtedly. Circumcising and the Law of Mofes shall have no change for ever, and when Meliiah shall come

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to Zion he will gather Ifrael as a hen her chicks from all parts of the earth, where we have been scattered, and we shall, instead of horfers mules aod ja k-alfes, ride pick-a-pack on the backs of Kings and Princesc Judea from thence for ward will be the garden of Paradise, and as Meliah comes to restore man to his innocent ftate, surely he will planc, the Tree of Life; which we will be careful to propagate in great abundance throughout the councry. Then shall we live safely every man under his own Fig. tree, and the riches of the heathen shall be brought in great abundance to Zion. The Tree of Life will be an ancidote to prevent death. Happy the heathen that can catch hold of the skirt of a Jew. Eternal days. "01V

Joshua, Nebemiab. What Mefliah does the prophet Daniel say, in his oth chapter, should be put to death, after confirming the second covenant with many, (and this at the time Jefus Christ was put to death and feuiled and established the Chriftian covenant), and that the people and their prince that should come should destroy the city and sanctuary, and put an end LỘ oblations and facrifices, even to the consummarion, all which was completed by the Ro mans ? &c. * Mofes. O infinite and eternal God, how can a wretch that hath Ipun out a life of fourscore

years in the paths of infamy and wilęs of Satan, repair to your dread tribunal, for mercy? I am loit and buried in the depth of horror and con-fufion. my God, I confess, myself guilty even of killing the operation of my realong

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which pufillanimity prevenced, and rendered the feed of salvation (that you have planted in every rational being) from profiting by an increase of merit to claim your '

mercy through the infinite ransom you have purchased us with, abortive. O my God, the scriptures that you deposited with our fathers to enlighten our understanding and guide us in an unerring direction to the altar of redemption, on which you, my Lord and my God, was pleased to be immolated, I have made use of to my own deftruction and by persuasive allurements enticed and fetiered many in the shackles of impiety, blaspheming our God, whose Majesty we received our being to adore. O O my Creator, my Saviour and Redeemer, my God and my All, your blessed name be for ever adored, and if your creature was capable of infinite adoration, O my God, I would with my whole heart and powers of my soul lay it with myseat buried at your facred feet. My Jesus, my Lord and Melliah, how could your justice, my God, fo far give place to your mercy as to screen and suffer so base a rèptile to go on for a series of years depreciating your adorable and most facred Deity with impunity. True it is, my Lord, as the scripture tells us, that you will have mercy and not sacrifice, and in this your miscreant creature is this fcripture verified. O my God, can I ever ceale thanking, praising, loving and adoring your infinite goodness, pouring out my soul and devoting the small remaios of life in the love and service of your omnipoteat Majesty, and soi row for the impious years Bb

I have

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I have lived. I will now turn my eyes upon this child of the devil, unworthy to lick up

the mire of the infernal lake, actuated by vain conceit, erroneous and irreligious principles, from which proceed a restless and malignant zeal, a firebrand, irksome and irreconcileable; with this fecid monfter you grew up and made your league. What distant clime have you not trod in quest of that very peace your callous heart, as a ftill-born foetus, was not capable of perceiving; though you were continually with every enticement invited to its banquet.

Proverbs, chap. 9. Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars; the hath killed her beasts, she hath mingled her wine, she hath also furnished her table; she has fent forth her maidens; she crieth upon the highest places of the city. Who is finple, let him turn in hither; he that wanted understanding, she faith to him. Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled. Forsake the foolish and live, and go in the way of understanding. He that reproveth the scorner, gertech to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man, getteth himself a blot. Reprove not a scorner, left he hate thee : rebuke a wise man, and he will love you. Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he in

will i learning. The fear of the Lord is the begin. ning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding. For by me your days fhall be multiplied, and the years of

of your life fhall be increased. If thou art wife, thou Ihalt

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be wise for thyself; but if thou fcornest, thou alone shalt bear it.

Man being invested with the most noble quality of free-will, to reject, or accept at pleasure, the divine feed being sown in his heart, his salvation depends on himself. O misad. vised culprit, to restrain and mortify your passions and various inclinations, that your life might pass unsullied, emaciatino v

body and restraining your will from common necessaries, that the poor might find a refuge, and in you a common father; what other delight have you sreked from your youth, and considered it your duty to sort with the needy and bear their burthens to inculcate religion in their hearts,

root out vicious habits, and in all things make them happy, and this not confined to your own nation, but universal, the whole stock of the human species. And yet vain man, the Impe. jial or Royal duty from which the other should proceed and draw its effects, you have not alone Nighted, but thundered forth from a malevolent and mischevous heart, the most spiteful and wicked blasphemy; so that while your moráls and duty to your neighbour remained unim. peachable (your wicked instruction excepted) you were in a far more wicked and deteltable

state, than the reproba e angels or devils. They stood part of the Celestial Hierarchy, and thro' the excellency of their fuperior quality were worthy the immorial thrones they were feated on, but contemplating as they conceived cheir irrevocable sublimity, and being struck with a fecret paffion of fondness at the exquisite and B b 2


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