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the varied stores of lord Beaudesert's wellchosen library, while she experienced the (most listless ennui, if compelled to spend an hour with the venerable invalid. The villa, its visitants, and inhabitants, became alike the subjects of her malignant, though pointless satire; and many were the hints she dropped respecting the policy of cultivating the goodwill of relatives and friends, while the real object of pursuit may be out of reach.

All this Geraldine bore very patiently. Her anxiety to hear further tidings re-specting lord O'Melvyl had arisen to such a height, that she hardly perceived what was passing around her; and the fear of giving future offence, by communicating his strange billet, as usual prevented her from deriving any benefit from the advantage of a friendly counsel.

Matilda Southwell, on the contrary, who had taken it in her head that lord O’Melvyľs absenting himself from the ball was on account of her not being present to grace it, was fully satisfied that, when returned from his tour, he would openly declare his passion.


Lady Louisa was of the same opinion; and things were in this state when the Southwell family left Dublin, to spend the summer months at their seat in the county of Limerick.




His habit carries peace; his brow defiance.


L'oeil aime dans un lac une vaste étendue;
Cependant offrez lui quelques points de repos.
Si vous n'interrompez l'immensité des flots,
Mes yeux sans intérêt glissent sur leur surface;
Ainsi, pour abréger leur insipide espace,
Ou qu’un frais bâtiinent, des chaleurs respecté,
Se présente de loin dans les flots répété;
Ou bien faites éclore une île de verdure;
Let îles sont des eaux la plus riche parure;
Ou relevez leurs hords, ou qu'en bouquets épars
Des masses d'arbres verts arrêtent vos regards.


As lady Louisa Southwell's equipage approached the village of Glenartrey, its progress was impeded by a multitude of people, that on each side lined the road leading to Meadowscourt. Blessings on their benefactress rent the air, and respect


was forgotten in affection, as they eagerly pressed forward to welcome her return.

However accustomed to restrain the expression of her ardent feelings, lady Lou. isa, yielded, in this instance, to the delicious emotions that rewarded her active benevolence. Drawing back, as much as possible, from the curious and earnest gaze, she covered her face with her handkerchief, to hide her flowing tears.

Oh you, to whom fortune has given the power of witnessing and causing scenes like these! what are the satisfactions of vanity, compared to the happiness, the honest triumph, of such a moment! Return to a people grateful, affectionate, enthusiastic, as they are intelligent and gay!return to those who only ask permission to love you, and whose warm, unsophisticated affection would lay a tribute at your feet you will seek in other climes in vain !

Lady Louisa had at length disengaged herself from the kindly-meant pressure of K 2


the multitude, and sir Charles Southwell, who began to be a little impatient at the interruption, had given orders for the carriage to proceed with all speed, when, after advancing a few hundred yards farther, they encountered a fresh obstacle of a very different description. And now, reader, prepare for a transformation as wonderful as any recorded in the metamorphoses of fairy lore—not that I deal in art magic; on the contrary, I have already disclaimed all pretension to it, and, for that very reason, demand the greater credit for effecting, without supernatural aid, that which so many of my brothers and sisters in fiction have not been able, but with the help of such inventions, to accomplish.

Mounted on a little elevation on the wayside, which was a necessary addition, to give importance to his figure, stood one of those itinerant performers yelep'd Methodist preachers, haranguing, or rather rebuking, the surrounding multitude. His voice and action were as ungovernably ve


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