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man ladies, was productive of the most immediate and beneficial effects.

The little farmer, whether stung or not with her reflection upon the diminutiveness of his person, instantly, at her word of command, turned the white nose of his bay horse from its former friendly contact with the shoulder of the preacher; women and children emulously assailed him with missile weapons, and Cobham was glad to regain his post by the road-side, and left the cavalcade to proceed, without further molestation, to Meadowscourt.

Katherine Lawless, for it was she indeed, in propria persona, who had effected this desirable revolution, welcomed the noble family home with raptures and tears of joy; and the sight of lights, the prospect of repose, and an elegant supper of her providing, soon banished from recollection the disagreeable part of the occurrences of this eventful evening.

Pendennis, did not delay beyond the morrow paying his compliments at Meadowscourt.

dowscourt. His friends found him tolerrably discontented with the present aspect of affairs; Cobham, instead of joining forces with him against Toplofty, having been easily persuaded to embrace his party. Sir Charles Southwell, who, in the country, never sought any thing beyond the amusement of the passing hour, entreated the incensed pedagogue to forget all differences, for a day at least, at his house; and when this proposal was communicated to Toplofty, notwithstanding his contempt of the vanities and luxuries of this life, he did not think proper to neglect it. Cobham, as a just punishment for his presumption and impertinence, was not invited; but sir Charles had asked Mr. Preston and father Gargan, promising himself some diversion in the clashing opinions of these different religious professors. He had added as many more singular people as he could find, to fill up the corners. Among these was Zachary Mudge, a coadjutor of Zephaniah TopK 6


lofty, but as different from him in person as in manners and behaviour..

Though it would seem difficult for Cobham Pendennis to find a foil to himself, such a foil was presented in Zephaniah Toplofty. Of features mean, and of ignoble stature, let the reader imagine a figure and face in which every line and curve are in direct opposition to the rule of right, and this intrepid reformer stands before him. Zachary Mudge, on the contrary, greatly resembled the portraits of Wesley, which are well known to be very handsome. His white hair, falling in a natural manner about his temples, gave him a venerable air; his address was simple and apostolic, and his language nervous and eloquent. Such a man was no food for ridicule, and this was the game sir Charles was in search of; he therefore very soon turned him over to the ladies, and betook himself to drawing out Zephaniah Toplofty.

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The servants were scarcely withdrawn,


and the dessert upon the table, when sír Charles turned the conversation to the subject of a viceregal visit that bad, some time back, been made to a nobleman in the neighbourhood.

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"Why yes, sir," answered Toplofty, wriggling like an evvet among old timber, and spreading out his little hands, like fins, upon his knees, "I remember the time full well, and a goodly company there was. Plenty of fine-dressed lords and ladies, poor deluded wretches! (I ask pardon of the present company)-plenty of eating and drinking of singing men and singing women. There was even a talk of a regatta on the Shannon: but the chief occurrence of that memorable day was his excellency's accidentally falling into conversation with myself and the powerful Je remiah Steepleshun. His excellency was so highly edified with our discourses, that vainly did the lady Charlottes and the lady Georges -Again I crave pardon-I be


lieve the quality calls it Georgiana-the hounds and the hunters-the singing men and singing women, endeavour to draw his honour-his excellency I mean, from us."

"Worthy Zephaniah," said sir Charles, smiling, "your modesty is too great in imputing this conversation to accident. Is it not more likely that the visit to lord B was the pretext, and that the great man was allured from afar by the fame of the precious Zephaniah Toplofty and the powerful Jeremiah Steepleshun ?”

"Oh, sir, you are too good, sir!" replied Toplofty, simpering, and in a foolish tone, in which the vulgar vanity of the man betrayed itself through the affected indifference of the preacher. Then, heedless of Mudge's whispered-" Peace, brother, I pray you!" he went on, laying himself more and more open to the ridicule of the polished man of the world, till lady Louisa, saying, in a low voice, to Geraldine

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