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Hon. Thomas A. Dickson, a valued and respected member of our association, passed into the great silence on the 26th of June last.

Judge Dickson was born at Pittsfield, Illinois, September 28, 1854. In 1879 he graduated in the law department of the University of Michigan. He entered upon the practice of his profession in Leadville in 1880, and resided there until his death. He acceptably filled the office of District Attorney during two terms, and was afterwards, by appointment and election, Judge of the Fifth Judicial District from 1893 to 1896. He discharged the duties of this office with marked ability and with scrupulous regard for its dignity and honor, and while strict in the enforcement of professional ethics, he was at all times gracious to and considerate of the rights and privileges of the Bar. As a lawyer he was careful, thorough, and devoted to the interests of his clients. Those who knew him best remember him as a true friend; swift in sympathy, seeing only good in those whom he loved; genial and generous to a fault; a charming companion; tender-hearted and beloved in every relation of life.

He was not faultless-else he would not have been our Brother; yet withal so richly dowered with rare gifts of heart and head as to endear him to us more than if he had dwelt on the cold heights where only less human souls could climb.

In his untimely death the law has lost a sincere and ardent votary, the Bar one of its brightest ornaments, and the State an honorable and useful citizen.



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