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rendon, and which intermarried with the greatly respected in that line, and an in. soyal family of Great Brita 1, in the per- ftance that integrity and indefatigable at fun of Anne Hyde, Docvels of York, mo. tention are not sufficient to field against ther of Queen Anne. F:ani.this house, in the bafts of adversity. Considerable lofies, the female bie, is also decended the E rt from various concurring circumstances, des of Darnley, through the Lady Tlieodosia termined him to quit the brewery; and, Hyde, Baronefs Clifton in her own right, fome time after, he opened a circulating to wiom Queen Anne gave (on her mar. library at Knightsbridge, where he died. riage will the fu ft car) a dowry of A series of difatti'ons events, it is supposed, 10,000l. in acknowledgement of their near preved on his spisits, and undermined his afhnity. The Hydes of Cite-H de in Ire- Gunilicution. In the meridian of life, when Jand, of the same original, have floundhed his prospects were fl stering, he married a for some centuries in that kingdom; and, very young woman, whu has chearfully on Q. Anne's ascending the throne (heing accommodated herself to the viciffitudes of maternally descended from the Hyde), che his fortune, and who is now, after a long then heir of the family being presented at and painful attendance on the bed of ackcourt, as her relacion, is fuid to have expe- ness, left a widow in great affliétion.. rienced signal marks of her regard. .

26. At Evinburgh, aged 81, Andrew 8. At 'fygheary, in the gift ylar of his Lumifden, eiq. of the family of Cuihinie, of age, and zitt of his mistiy, the Rev. Aberdeenthire, auilior of a valpable work Alan M'Quen, mimfer of Norti Vilt. on the Antiquities of Rome and its environs,

10. Abhé Luz, a prelate of the Empire, Al Col. Wheat's, Norman Court, Mrs, and abbé of Kreuzlingen.

Frances Newton, reliet of Francis Miloer 13. At Exaoui, her 230 year, Miss Nely. of Barton-house, Somerser. Caroline A-Gordon, daughter of the laie This evening, about 9 o'clock, an elderly Hon. Lieut..col. G. Her life of humble well-dretied man was discovered, appavirtue was concluded by a death of Chrifa renily in a fit, in Great Marlborough-ftr. tian fortiduje. She excelled in all tlie ac- He was put into a hackney-Coach, and complishments of modern education, but couveyed to St. James's watch-house, and had learnt to consider them as the orna. there expired, in great agony, about 12. ments, to the employmeni, of life; and As he appeared to be a foreigner, several pofle fled extensive information on more persons of uitferent nations attended, when important fubjects. She was one of the he was at last recognized to be a French haprý few sivat blend politenets with fim emigrant, of the name of Bucoles Josepla plicity, chearfulness with reflection, luipe. Gloneux, a teacher at Mr. George's acar Torily with humility, konwidg? with in. demy at Greenwich, where he was much nexcesce, compliance with refutai, and relp cted, and bore an excellen: characters unoftentatious benevolence with unaffect. 27 Mrs. Norman, wife of Samuel N. ed piety: Long conscious of her approach. esq. of Taunton; a lady of cultiva ed uping end, the endured gril sufferings with derstanding, mild and elegant manners, and most admirable comparue and refignation. a truly benevolent disponion. Though the was blefied by the attection, A bag, co. Lincoln, in her 78th year, and conftiruted the delighi, of her family, Mis. Holwell, relict of the Rev. George H. anj yed the esteem aid admir, tion of her lale vicar of Great Limber. friends, and was at the age when life is Mrs. Henderson, moiber of Col. H. of most alluring, the quilted it, if not without Fofwell Bank. regret, without repining; supremely happy 28. ln Kennington-lane, aged 72, the ia being early removed from a world of wife of Mr. fulm Goodeve. templation and disappointment, her beart

29. At Taunton, aged 60, the widow of unwrung by morfery, and her mind ouble. R. Gibson, esq. and mother of Capt. John milhed by vice.

G. of Dulvei lon. 21. Ai Wells, Somerset, Lady Catha- At Woolwich, Mr. Wm. Blyth, pusser Tine Seymur, reiidt of Lord Francis ş. of his Majesty's fhip Marilda. Jate dean of Wells, and uncle to the Duke 30. After only two days iliners, Master of Some fet. She was daughter of ihe Rev. William-Heory Whisional, aged 6 year's Mr. Pavne, of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford, 6 months, only child of Wm. W. el. of and after to the Countess-dow.ger of Hod, eldon, Herts. His remains were depoNo champion. By her he had two sons fied in the family-vault at Hitchio. and three daughter's (LXIX. 173).

31. Al the Rev. James Ruc's, in Mofa 22. At Wirilecleydale, near Rochdale, in covy-court, Tower-huil

, aged 17, Mr. Edhis 98th year, John Fielding, leaving a ward Greaves, of Barbados. brother in his g6th year, and a sister in her 1802 Jan 1. Found drowned in a pond 930 year. Four year: fince another filter near he house, Mr. Hurchinson, of Deella died, iged 96; and their father, N. Field. wood, ia che parish of itsid.

He was jis, vion in s joint year. The father and polled of very cung erable property i fons had been employed as thepherds. and bis iofs will be f19cerely felt by the

23. Mr. William Lucas, formerly an poor, to whom he was a liberal beneficior. emitent brewer; a man weil known and





At Wingham, co. Kent, Mr. Edward to a discovery of his name and place of M'Cann, surgeon.

abode, hut not the least circumstance apAt Walsall, the wife of Mr. Griffin, pro- peared to trace him.

It was then thought prieror of the lime-works there.

neceflary to send for the ovenfeer of the Aged 80, Walford Phillipsesq. of Stour- parith, in order that proper alfitance bridge, in the commiffion of the peace and might he rendered him, ho preured a deputy-lieutenant of the county of Wor- him every neculary attention tha’ Humaceiter near 20 years.

nity cult sugge 1!, or the fituation of the At Lyons, aged 45, M. Aranco, ex mi- house would aftoral, there not being the nister of finance of the Cisalpine repub

least doubt of his being a perlou of respect. lick, and Jeputy to the Consulta.

ability, having a g ld wate', in his pocket, 2. At Bedwell park, Herts, aged 26, the a pair of gold leve-hurtons, &c. and liis wile of Mr. Currie, an emincot distiller, appearance in every other respect indicaOf a decline, at Kenegie, near Penzance, ting the gentlem-n.

On his bus being in Cornwall, where he refided for the be- drawn off, tha: he might be put to hed, it nefit of his health, viverrally esteemed by was observed that the name of Capt. Tur. his acquaintance, in his 43.h year, George ner was written in the inside of one of second Lord Rodney, eldest son of the late them. This circumitace coming to the Admiral Rodney, ennabled 1782. By his knou ledge of a peilon in the employ of wife, Anne, fecond daughter and coneita Mr. Whitungani, pruiter, in Den-ftreet, apparent of Thomas Harley, alderman of Felter-lane, le fond ne recollected a genLondon, he has left 2 daugh, and 10 fons. teman of that name and descripcion, who His remains were interred in the family- had written a book thout tl years ago, vault in Hampshire.

inutuled " Turner's Einbally to Thiber," The wife of R. Mitchell, esq. of Hallo and that he then lived in St. James's place. green, near Birmingham.

Applicatiou was directly made there, when A. Elmham, co. Norfolk, aged 78, Mr. this intormition proved correct, is his mane William Smilli.

seryant bid heet: long in pence, wairMr. Tliomas May, many years carpenter ing the return of his master, who was a to his Majesty at Newmarket.

gentleman of great property and conAt his Lordihip’s house at Shrub-bill,

His country-feat is in Gloucernear Dorking, Surrey, the Hon. Mi's Char- tershire, where he had a valuable eftate, lotte-Julia Lellie, youngest dau. of Loru les and likewise considerable property in the

At his house in Margaret-Itreet, Caven- Eitt Indies. One of his futeis is married dith-square, W. Raduith, esq.

to ao alderman of Gloucester, and another In his 430 year, in consequence of a pa- to Profeflor White, of Oxford. Capt. T. ralytic seizure, Samuel Turner, esq. F.R.S. had been in the service of the East India and formerly in the service of the E. India Company in the late war in India, wliere Company. In 1785 Capt. T. was sent, by he diftinguthed himself at the sicge of Se. Governor Hastings, on an embaffy to the ringapatam; nd bad likewise the lovnour Grand Lama; and since his return to this to he appointed on the embassy to Tippoo country, about two years ago, published a Saib, where he not only acquired fame very curious and interesting account of his and profit, but etablished himself, in the miffion, together with a narrative of his opinion of the Company, as a person of travels through Bootan and part of Thibet fuperirialenis, who appointed him to the (reviewed in our vol. LXX. p. 965) - head of their embally to Thibel, which The circumstances attending this gentle.

furnithed him with the materials for comman's death are somewhat smgular : “ OO pilong the work above alluded to, and, as a Monday, Dec. 21, about 12 o'clock at mark of their approbation and esteem, night, as a gentleman was paffing through yoted him 500 guineas. During luis itay Churchyard-alley, in Fetter-lane, he was in India he amafled a large property. One observed, by a woman on the spot, to of the firit steps taken by his friends in make a sudden stop, and, after taggering town, on his being discovered as above, a thort way, to fall io the ground. On was, to write to his friends in Oxford and going to liis affittance, it was thuugii, Gloucefter, who immediately repaired to from the distortion of bis features, that he town to visit their unfortunate relative, was in a fit of apoplexy; txt, on waiting They added to the medical aid and advice some time, and finding that he still re- of Dr. Mahall that of Dr. Reynolds. The mained iu a itate of infenfinity, further calumnity proved to be a stroke of the rally, help was procured, and it was deemed ne- which entirely deprived him of the use of celiary to take him in a coach lo Stain. one side. It was nit until the morning drew's watch-house, where he renained of the zoth that be recovered his speech, till about 7 o'clock in the morning the when he utiered a few words to luis fer22d, and thence conveyed to ile work- vanli, who constantly attended him at the house in Shoe-lane, Holbort, vliere iis work ijoole. His friends were very depockets were leched, in hope ibat lone firous o have him removed thence; buc papers righ: se found about him to load thic Rh; ficians thought it would be aliend.

ed ed with dangerous consequences, and there afforded abundant matter of instruction !0 he expired on the morning of Jan.2" He the confiderate part of mankind. Under was buried in St. James's church.

the descriptions of a citizen, a Christian, At Dolgare, in his 28th year, Mr. Evan and a clergyman, in all the domestic and Thomas, eldest son of Edwaró T. esq. of social relations, his character was ftrialy Llwyomadock, cii. Brecon.

irreproachable and highly meritorious. His Ai Keltonhead, in Scotland, the wife of rectitude, steadiness, and liberality of prinWin. Juhofton, esq. of Demetara. ciple, his perfect command of iemper and

At Edinburgh, Mr. James Dallas, writer self government, the firmness of his alto the Signet.

tachments, and placability of bis relent3. In his 67th year, John Vaux, esq. of ments, the fincerity and openness of his Duke-Itreet, Spital-fields.

manners, and, above all, the ex'ensiveness, Aged 37, Mr. Matthew Cartwright, a impartiality, and economy of bis henevorespectable farmer at Odeny, co. Leicester. lence, are qualities which, it is hoped,

Suddenly, Mr. Worthington, late mayor have not vainly shed their lustre, though of Nottingham.

amidst a licentious and a faitidious age. At Aberdeen, the wife of Major Mercer. But, not to diverge too far into general pa

At Edinburgli, in his 78th year, Dr. Wile negyrick, it is meant to enlarge upon this liam Spence, late of Fauniehirft, a gentle exemplary character, with regard to its man of eminence in his profeflion, and the most appropriate excellence, as it exhbils firft that discovered the use of the bark in a fingular (pecimen of the good effects rea malignant fevers and putrid diseases. sulting to society from a plain and vigorous

Jo Ireland, Capt. P. Chapman, of the understanding, actuated by right principles, royal navy.

He was one of the oficers and applied to practicale and benencial who went with Lord Macartney on the obje&ts. Unambitious of celebrity, and inembafly to China, and was first lieutenant capable of affctation, he made it his chef of the Triumph in Lord Duncan's action aim to be useful; and in that aim he most oft Camper own, when he was wounded. perfectly succeeucil. Though poffefled of For his good conduct on the day he was a very competent Thare both of profeflional made a captain, and has ever suce re- and general knowledge, be thouglis it no mained unemployed.

degradation to his mental powers to direct 4 At Highgate, Mrs Chandlers,

them principally to thole less thining but Ac Pine, the seat of SirSiafford Northe most importint ofñcus of the clerical funccote, bart. the dowager Lady Northcote. tion which are too frequently consigned to

At Armathwaite, near Keswick, in her the care of depnties, or elle performed in 73d year, Lady Fletcher, relict of Sir Lio- a spiritlers, perfunctory manner. The cunel Wrighte Vane f. bart. of Hutton, in racies of two very extensive and populous Cumberland, and mother of Sir Fred. Vave. parithes, St. Mary, Whitechapel, and Christ

At Stamford, co. Lincoln, aged 80, the church, Spitalfields, in which he was sucwidow Bishop.

ceflively engaged for nearly 20 years, afAt Tamworth, John Willington, esq. a foried hinn full scope for these exortions gentleman greatly respected for his inte. during the prime and vigour of life, and grity, and universally beloved for his fince- excellently qualified tom for that prefere rity and benevolence of heart.

ment, which he accepted from his college, In her 624 year, the wife of Samuel Tol- in preference to the rectory of Middletonver, esy. of Norwich.

Cheney, in Northamptonhire, which, in In St. Faith’s-lane, Norwich, aged 79, many respects, appeared more eligible. Mrs. Burton.

With what propriety and abilicy lie dilAt Keunington, the wife of Mr. John charged luis ministry in these three several Sherer, jun. Wie merchant, Mark-lane. parishes the surviving inhabitants can bear

The elden fon of Mr. Bowers, secretary The most convincing testimony; among to the Pelican infurance-office, Lombard-it. whom the decorous graviiy of his appear

At Edinburg!), Mr. Hugh Mair, late mer- ance and deportment, the willingness and chant in Liverpool.

punctuality of his attendance upon every 5. At Cheshunt, the Rev. Herbert Mayo, ca!l of duty, the plain, but earnett and imD.D. rector of the parish of St. George, preslive manner in which he performed Middlesex, and vicar of the parish of the lacred offices, aic even yet the topicks Tollebury, Eirex. He was born in the of respect and aumiration. One peculiar month of Oxluber, 1720; admitted of commendation should not be here omitted, Brazenof& college, Oxford, where he pro- as applying to him in each relation of wecceeded M. A. 1745, B.D. 1762, and D.D. lor and curate : that, as no subftitate ever 1763; and was presented to the rectory more faithfully consulted the interest of of St. George in 1764, by that Society, of his employer, so never was benonciary which he was then feilow, and to the vi- more kindly attentive to the case, the comcarage of Tolletbury in 1799, by Mr. Ruin, furt, and credit, of his aflittants, on whoin the patron. The long and valuable life of indeed he devolved no farther employment this moft wurthy member of suciety has than what was neceffary to reudui himself more extensively serviceable. For, though “the gay conscience of a life well spent," the pastoral duties were the primary and under the triumphant hopes of that reliconftant ohjects of his ujefulnesi, they by no gion which he had cultivated and a lorned, means circumscribed the bounds of it. In and amidst the attentions of an amiable fa. earlier life, when college-offices occasion- mily, who ftrore, with pious emulation, to ally required his attendance, he had proved express their sense of thit debt of gratihis zeal for the welfare of the society to tude and duty which his uniform affection which he belonged, by a liberal enforce and indulgence hal rendered it impoflible ment of its difcui bine, and a judicious ar- for them adequately to discharge. Thus rangement of the complicated, and at that gridually prepared for the momen!ons time confused, ftale of its accounts. With change, surrounded with every object of the same affiduity and goodness of inten- consolacion, indifturbed by agony of mind tion he afteru ards applieil himself to every or body, and expiring, without a groan, in department of parochial business, with the arms of those whom he best loved, the which, as reétor, it was his province to in. “ good and faithful förvant" was summonterlere ; and, to do this with the greatered to "enter into the joy of his Lord." effe&l, he acted as a magistrate for the He married the daugiiter of Wm. Pagge', county. - The farther we trace this inte. esq. ef Eliham, merchant of Lindon, by resting character through life, the more whom he has left two sons, Paggen-Wil. clearly shall we perceive that its diftin. lian, M. D of St. John's college, Oxforil, guishing trait was ibe desire to be ujeful. The physician at Docatter, and Charles, of the various public ch.irities with which he was lanie college, M. A. and late Saxon profelconnected received more benefit, from his for; and wo daighters, The Doctor's bro. vigilar ce over their management, 'aud his ther, William, died, a.lvanced in years, at attention to their finances, than from the Wooton-Rivers, Wilts, to which rectory ne aggregate sum of his long.continued con- had been presented hy Brazenose College. tributions. The same infererce may be At his house at Stretham, near Ely, afo drawn from the many and important truits ter a short illness, the Rev. John Swaine, in which he was engaged; which were no rector of Strethiam, vicar of Lielle Shelless cheerfully undertaken by him than con- ford, and in the commiffion of the peace scientiously and ably executed ; and, with for the Ine of Ely. He was formerly of regard to acts of privale friendship and be. Peter-house, Cambridge; B. A. 1777, and nevolence, it may be confident!y said, that M. A. 1780. The valuable rectory of there are few, among his numerous ac- Stretham is in the patronage of the Bithop quaintance, but have experienced that, to of Ely; and the vicarage of Little Sielford employ Dr. M. in their service, was to in the gift of Wm. Finch Finch, ciq. onlige him. Hence # has happened that, Found deal, in a kneeling posture, in while bis well-known and acknowlelged his chamber in the Butcher-row, Exeter, merits failed to procure the smallett pro- one Crisp, a tanner. He came home in the feffiocal remuneration for himself, never, evening in good health, drank halt a pint perhaps, was individual, in his ftarion, of heer, and went up ftairs. His death apmore signally inttrumental in obtaining pears to have been instantaneous, probably provision for the deftitute and the deserve from a seizure in his brain, as both his ing. Let oot a life like this be haftily de- hands were found fixed on his heail. preciated as a dull cound of drudgery and Aged 88, Mr. Henry Gee, father of Mr. confinement; it was, on the contrary, a life Robert G, attorney, of Com'ridge. of perpetual amusement, of perpetual grati. At Enderhy, aged 77, after a long and fication. That rule of prudence, “to make painful illness, Mr. Steph-n Margetis. a pleasure of business," which is, in most 6. At Southwell, after a long and painmen, the low result of habit and self-de- ful illness, which he be with the greateit nial, appeared in him rather a natural fortitude, the Rev. Robert Came, M. A. principle of action. Hence arose that ala. formerly fellow of St. John's colege, Ca 11. city which he displayed in conducting bridge, rector of Nurod, near Gaulb.. public business, and that even Aow of rough, and Birnly-in-the-Wailows, buch cheerfulness and good humour which pre- cm. Lincoln, and one of the vziled in his colloquial intercourse. Af:er of the collegiale church of Soutweil. As 2 conftant refidence upon his living, and a husband and fa!iver, nis dois will he most ao auremiting application to the duties of severely felt; and the cheerfulness of luis it, the increafing infirmities of old age conversarion, rendered hy the warned him, at length, to retire from buty fincerity of his att alonents, will cause his life; and, thongh he felt no small reluct. friends long tu laniena the fad evenr. ance in quiring the scene of his activity, Ac Wadley-hour, Berks, the Right Hon.' and contracting the circle of his benefi. William Flower, Viscount Athbriuke, Bd. cenice, yet this was soon absorbed in the ron of Castle-Durow, in Ireland. He was dekcious expectation of serenely nearing born in 1767, and received his edication out the short renu-inder of his days in at Elou college, and afterwards at the uniGENT. MAG. January, 1082.


versity of Oxford ; and, at the age of 13, vernor of ihe royal foundations of Christ's his Lordfhip succeeded to the peerage, on Hospital, and of Bridewell and Bethlehem, the decease of his father, William Dying and also of the London Wrkh use; and, vamarried, his titles devolve on his only for nearly 40 pat, viry active in all the brother, the Hon. Henry Flower, captain public affars of the City. He was likein the 58111 regiment of foot, now on duty wise many years chairman of the Alluciain Egyni, whence he returned the day pre- ted Livery of London, a fociety forined in vious to ius brother's decease. The vis- October, 1792, in cpnolition to the pariy county of Athbrooke was conferred, 175', which pre ailed at th.t time; and to the 'on Henry the second Lord Cattle-Durrow, spirie exertion of thai fociety is fupport grandfather of the late lord, who was the of Mr. Akerman Hopkins at the memrepresenta ive of the antient family of rabl: election for chamberlain, on the re. Flames of Oaklan', seated, for cepluries, dignation of Sir Stephen Jansien, in 1976, in Ribuni, which county they, at early Mr. Hopkins owel, io a giet degree, his periods, iep erenied in parli.ment, and of fuccefs; and from that event the Allociated icham was fluwer, (peaker of the Houle Livry, for several years at ervard, took of Commons Bonry VI. the Flowers of the led in most of the e'estions at Guld. Witwell, & The Flowers of Carto.

biii. The D-puy was a man. f ftrong unDurrow bave Aourithi in Ireland fonce dertanding, and pour cred clear, found, and the reien rf Elizaheli, where that branch intelligent mind; and from his age, knowwas fixed by Sir George Flower, who was le 'ge of business, and being well acquaintknighed for his Services in the reduction ed with in custop of the city, he gerieof bat kingdom,

Ta'ly, en moit pu lic occ: foolis, was select. Oí a par:lyric stroke, at his house rear mi to fiil the chair, !! wich fituaiion he Kingfon, red 83, Sir Thoms Kent, always preserveu esder and decorum. He

A! Hlackathi, Mr. Wm. Gilleti, lale in was a good husband and father; a sincere the service of the Eaft India Cumpiny. frierial, a cheerful and entertaining compa•

At Exmonth, Devon, John Hunter, esq. 2109, and, for his, remarkably aca fuigeon of the nith lig': dragoons. tive, mixing in company antil a few weeks

lo!: Louer Chor , Norwich, in a very before his leth. In his private concerns advanced age. Mrs. Elz berh Neutrin, tie

he was punctual, regilar, and attentive to aunt of the Rev. I. W N. one of the minor hone's. No min), in his sphere of life, c.rons of iha: cat edeal.

lived more refpected, or died more de. In Henrietta ftreet, Buh, in berarth lei vedly laniented. year, Lady Wright, wife of Sir Jame W. At his lodgings in Grea: Portland-tree:, bort. of Hoy houle, Ellex, and univ doigh. 3oad 73, the Reverend Father Arthur ter of Sr Wm. Stapleton, bart, of Grayso O'Ley. As his name imports, he was a cotiri, co, Oxfuru.

- native of I eland, whence, when yours, 7. 'Al Talensine, near Cockermout', in he embarked for France ; ftudied at else lais reth year, and after a few days illnets, college of Sc. Malo, in Britaniy, and ac Wi!!un Frow", e q who ferved the othice lugin entered into the Franciscan order of of biz thaiff of Castberland in 1798. Cipichins. He then acted, for jeme time,

Al the nine of Livington, the Rev. as chaplain to the Eoglifi prilivne's during Mr. Thomas Wart.

the seven years war, for which her:ceived AiS.cdre *s, the Rev. Jorrpl l'il- alvall pendop from the French Governca!!!, minister of Corrubee..

ment, which he renind till the French AiCarherry.hool, Vis flizabeth Cault, Percition. Ha irs o'tirmed permillion to widou of job. Fullerton, etc. of Corberry. 210 Ireland, he gladly exchanged the file

Aztd 67. NO, I Hiki, my years wil Thy lbilime its of a Cupuchu frer for deeillment Carpenter and joer at Lycri. ceni cloaths and clean linen; and ohtainel,

A Sivke Newington, in tier 14:6 year, by the mere hunyancy of ra'ent, the norice Mís Llz Miedwit, second daugiter of and recompence of the Irib Government; S. De M.ela.

2: duck an early opportunity of thewing Jolin Dulet, ele, of Tottenham-c0.-5mx!. Hie luiertos y of bis courage, and genius, S. in Balighall-freti, jallly and defi:


by principally arracking the heterolox d co veally lanverted, aged 55, Gabriell.eeken, tiine: ot Michal Servelile, revived at that eq im was upwards of $3 eas an inn timely . Dr. But, of the city of Cirk. habitail, and foor z: ycars one of the come Fremminily to this, rokom in Catholic mr. Couc!, of ille wirio B1w. For clergyman presu ned i gue, much less fuveiai vers the uominy D.pisi peljed to vrite, aga oid apron o' ? different reas chron) of clic Honourable (one of liginn. This etTay game.! him friends aSupis in the City of London, to which mong the liberal, and was produtive of fillin te heft) ved much time and ai- no fou all degree of envy among the prie!ts,

It're fame rinie fupporting with all of whom were afraic', and the brea er formnels and tonic the lononend diniy part of them wabic, to act iv tile fame ot le Court. He was nenber of t.e

O'ler, however, enjoyed his Ilonourable Court of Licuichanicy; sus triumph, and after having, in oppofition



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