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of Christ's coming I. Thessalonians. to judgment, gic. CHAP. V.

salvation by our Lord Jesus 1 He sheweth Christ's second Christ,

coming to judgment, 16 and 10 Who died for us, that, giveth divers precepts, 23 whether we wake or sleep, we and so concludeth.

should live together with him. BUT of the times and sea- 11 Wherefore, comfort yoursons,a brethren, ye have no selves together, and edify one need that I write unto you.

another, even as also ye do. 2 For yourselves know per- 12 And we beseech you, fectly, that the day of the brethren, to know them which Lord so cometh as a thief in labour among you, and are the night.

over you in the Lord, and ad3 For when they shall say, monish you; Peace and safety, then sudden 13 And to esteem them very destruction cometh upon them, highly in love for their work's as travail upon a woman with sake. And be at peace among child; and they shall not es- yourselves. cape.

14 Now, we exhort you, 4 But ye, brethren, are not brethren, warn them that are in darkness, that that day unruly, comfort the feebleshould overtake you as a thief. minded, support the weak, be

5 Ye are all the children of patient toward all men. light, and the children of the 15 See that none render eday; we are not of the night, vil for evil unto any man ; but nor of darkness.

ever follow that which is good, 6 Therefore let us not sleep, both among yourselves and to as do others; but let us watch all men. and be sober.

16 Rejoice evermore. ✓ For they that sleep, sleep 17 Pray without ceasing: in the night; and they that be 18 In everything give drunken, are drunken in the thanks; for this is the will of night.

God in Christ Jesus concern8 But let us, who are of the ing you. day, be sober, putting on the 19 Quench not the Spirit. breastplate of faith and love ; 20 Despise not prophesy. and for an helmet the hope of ings. salvation :

21 Prove all things; hold 9 For God hath not appoint- fast that wbich is good. ed us to wrath, but to obtain 22 Abstain from all appear

ances of evil. a The times and the seasons, the du

23 And the very God of ration of the world, and the particu- peace sanctify you wholly; lar season, at which Christ will come

and I

God to judgment.

spirit, and, soul, and body, be

your whole


Chap. iy.

remarks. preserved blameless unto the 27 I charge you by the Lord, coming of our Lord Jesus that this epistle be read unto Christ.

all the holy brethren. 24 Faithful is he that call.

28 The grace of our Lord eth yoll,

who also will do it.b Jesus Christ be with you. A25 Brethren, pray

26 Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.

T The first epistle unto the 6 Who also will do it, who will

Thessalonians was writsanctify you, and do whatever he ten from Athens. hath promised.

for us.




It appears from this Epistle, that Timothy, who carried Paul's first Epistle to the Thessalonians, gave him, on his return, a particular account of their affairs; and among other things told him, that many had mistaken some part of his former letter, by supposing he intended to inform them, that the day of judgment was to happen in that age, and that those, who had imbibed this sentiment, neglected all temporal concerns, as inconsistent with the care of their souls; and that false teachers were busy to inculcate the same ideas, which greatly alarmed the timid and credulous. Paul therefore wrote this second Epistle at Corinth A. D. 52, to correct these errors, so prejudicial to the good of society, and so inconsistent with the duties of Christianity; and also to fortel the rise and progress of the mystery of iniquity, and the coming and destruction of the Man of sin.

N.B. It may perhaps not be improper here to observe, that the coming of Christ, the coming of the Son of Man, the day of the Lord, &c. denote in scripture four different events; and some pious persons in modern times, as well as among the ancient Thessalonians, have by misunderstanding these phrases, been needlessly alarmed by the apprehension, that the day of judgment was at hand. The first of these events was the destruction of Jerusalem, of the temple and of the Jewish state by the Roman armies, the abrogation of the Mosaic institutions, and the establishment of the Gospel. Matt. xxiv. 30. This event is sometimes called the end of the world or the age; meaning Paul's opinion of II. Thessalonians. their faith, love, fc. the end of the age under the law, and the beginning of the age under the Messiah ; 1 Cor. x. 11. Phil. iv. 5. Heb. ix. 26, x. 25–37. James v. 7-9. 1 Peter iv. 7. 1 John ii. 18; &c. The second event was the destruction of the man of sin, 2 Thess. ii. 8. The third is death, which releases all the followers of Christ from their trials and sufferings, 1 Cor

i. 8. Phil. i. 6. 1 Thess. v. 23. The fourth is Christ's coming
in person to judge the world, and to put an end to the present
state of things. This event is probably still far distant; as the
final consummation of all things is not to take place till Christ
has triumphantly reigned on earth a thousand years in the
hearts of men.


ed worthy of the kingdom of 1 He sheweth his good opin- God,a for which ye also suffer :

ion of their faith, love and 6 Seeing it is a righteous patience; 3 and comforteth thing with God to recompense

them against persecution. tribulation to them that trouPand Timotheus, unto the

Silvanus, ble you ;

y And to you who are trouchurch of the Thessalonians bled, rest with us, when the in God our Father, and the Lord Jesus shall be revealed Lord Jesus Christ :

from heaven with his mighty 2 Grace unto you, and peace angels, from God our Father, and the 8 In flaming fire, taking Lord Jesus Christ.

vengeance on them that know 3 We are bound to thank not God, and that obey not the God always for you, brethren, Gospel of our Lord Jesus as it is meet, because that Christ : your faith groweth exceeding- 9 Who shall be punished ly, and the charity of every with everlasting destruction one of you all toward each oth from the presence of the er aboundeth;

Lord, and from the glory of 4 So that we ourselves glo- his power; ry in you in the churches of

10 When he shall come to God, for your patience and be glorified in his saints, and faith in all your persecutions to be admired in all them that and tribulations that ye en

a Which faith and patience are an 5 Which is a manifest to righteous judgment of God, who counter

evidence or a manifest token of the ken of the righteous

judgment you Gentiles worthy of the kingdom of of God, that ye may be count- God, &c.


dure ;

Paul adviseth

Chap. i.

to steadfastness, &c. believe (because our testimo- come a falling away first,c ny among you was believed) and that man of sin å be rein that day.

vealed,e the son of perdition ; 11 Wherefore also we pray 4 Who opposeth and exaltalways for you, that our God eth himself above all that is would count you worthy of this called God, or that is worshipcalling, and fulfil all the good ped; so that he as God sitteih pleasure of his goodness, and in the temple of God, shewing The work of faith with power; himself that he is God.

12 That the name of our 5 Remember ye not, that, Lord Jesus Christ may be glo- when I was yet with you I told rified in you, and ye in him, you these things ? according to the grace of our 6 And now ye know what God, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

. Except there come a falling away CHAP. II.

first; or, there come the apostacy, 1 He willeth them to continue that great departure from the true

steadfast in the truth receiv. faith and worship, of which I fored, 3 shewing that there shall merly, told you, (see ver. 5.) It is bea departure from the faith, some future state of the church, in

probable the apostle here alludes to 9 and a discovery of anti- which the disciples of Christ should christ before the day of the greatly depart from the

true faith & Lord come; 15 and there worship of God, enjoined in the Gosupon repeateth his former pel; and it is thought by many, that exhortation, and prayeth for this apostary denoted Popery or the them. NOW, we beseech

d That man of sin, the son of perdi

you, brethren, by the coming of our

tion, and that wicked, or wicked one, Lord Jesus Christ, and by our what that particular thing was, is

verse 8, signify the sanie thing: but gathering together unto him,a not perhaps fully ascertained. It has,

2 That ye be not soon sha- however, generally been supposed, ken in minid, or be troubled, that these phrases were designed to signeither by spirit, nor by word, nify, not anyone man, buta succession nor by letter as from us, as

of wicked teachers, who would cor

rupt the church, and exercise a most that the day of Christ is at

cruel tyranny:. and by the descriphand.

tion in verse 4 these false teachers 3 Let no man deceive you seem to have been exemplified in the by any means ;b for that day popes and bishops of Rome. shall not come, except there

è Revealed. The revelation of the

man of Sin consisted in his openly a By, concerning the coming of our assuming the titles and honours of Lord Jesus Christ, and concerning our God, and shewing himself that he is gathering togetber around him. a god. The Roman catholic clergy

6 Let no man deceive you by any of have actually been guilty of this the above mentioned means, verse 2. shocking impiety,

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Antichrist revealed. II. Thessalonians. Divers exhortations. withholdeth,f that he might 10 And with all deceivabe revealed in his time. blenéss of unrighteousness in

7 For the mystery of iniqui- them that perish; because tyg doth already work; only they received not the love of he who now letteth,h will let, the truth, that they might be until he be taken out of the way. saved.

8 And then shall that Wick. 11 And for this cause God ed i be revealed, whom the shall send them strong deluLord shall consume with the sion, that they should believe spirit of his mouth,j and shall a lie: destroy with the brightness of 12 That they all might be his coming:

damned who believed not the 9 Even him, whose coming truth, but had pleasure in un. is after the working of Satan, righteousness. with all power, and signs, and 13 But we are bound to give lying wonders,

thanks alway to God for you,

brethren, beloved of the Lord, of Wbat witbboldeth or restraineth. because God hath from the be. That which restrained the man of ginning chosen you to salva. sin from revealing or displaying him- tion through sanctification of self, is generally supposed to have the Spirit and belief of the been the Roman empire; for so long truth : as that power,

which was idolatrous, continued unbroken, and exercised

14 Whereunto he called you universal dominiun, it would not suf- by our Gospel, to the obtain. fer another, especially one bearing ing of the glory of our Lord the name of Christian, to gain ascend Jesus Christ. ancy, and rule with despotic power. 15 Therefore, brethren, stand

$ The mystery of iniquity, a system fast, and hold the traditions, of error, which secretly encouraged which ye have

been taught

, iniquity: it here signifies the same as the man of sin.

whether by worl, or our episb He who letteth, &c. He who hin. tle. dereth or restraineth, will continue 16 Now our Lord Jesus to restrain the open operations of the Christ himself, and God, even mystery of iniquity, till he (meaning the power of the Ronian magistrates) us, and hath given us every

our Father, which hath loved be taken out of the way. i Wicked, or lawless one.

lasting consolation and good ; Spirit

, it should be, breath of bis hope through grace, mouth, which is a figurative expres- 17 Comfort your hearts

, sion, that probably denotes the and stablish you in every good preaching of the Gospel, which will word and work. eventually destroy all sin and opposition to the Redeemer's cause.

k Lying wonders, miracles of false- | Traditions here signify those dochood, impositions upon the senses of trines and precepts, which Paul was mankind.

inspired to teachi

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