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For 1854-55-56.









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Ataues in regard to attendance on Divine
ordinances, 171.

Address to the members of the Associate Church
of North America, 224.

Afflictions, God's end in, 118—direction to the
afflicted, 495.

Africa, Central, progress of research in, 180,236.

Aitten, late Rev. James, sermon by, 49, 97.

AiUen, sev. Wm. F., ordination of, 45.

Anointing of the Spirit, the, 353, 3KI.

Arbroath Congregation, intelligence respect-
ing, 577.

Atonement, the, and the new views of the
United Presbyterian Synod, 276.

Believers exhorted not to grieve the Holy
Spirit, 34S.

Kbfe, the, from an old author, 79—a new
version of the, 530.

Knar, reminiscences of early times of Secession
in, 2.

Brora, Rer. W., Craigdam, account of, 588.

sochan, reminiscences of early times of Se-
cession in, 487, 585.

Calvlnistic writers, animadversions of a Cal-

rinist on, 105.
Cindlish's fDr) Manse Fund Speech reviewed,

Carluke, ordination at, 584.
Christian watchfulness, on, 12,145.
CWa, reminiscences of early times of Secession

in, +87.
Closet, the, S0«.
Communion, of, 548.
Conversion from Heathenism, remarkable in-

Rance of, 227.
Covenant Renovation, Reformed Presbyterians

and, 472.
Co7enar,ted Reformation, the power of godliness

essential to successful maintenance of, 25—

Free Church Association for promoting the

principles of, 58, 532.
Covenanters, traditions of the, 156, 241, 876.
Craig, Rev. R., ordination of, 190.
Craigriam, reminiscences of early times of Se-
cession in, 585.
Critical Notices,—

British Messenger, 186.

Calvin's Treatise on Relics, 37.

Christian Family Advocate, 42.

Church of Scotland Magazine and Review, 43.

Memorials of John Mackintosh, 309.

My Father the Guide of my Youth, 281.

Sews of the Churches, 626.

Prayer Meeting, the fellowship, 531.

Protectant's Hand-Book, the, 482.

Keligious indifference in relation to doctrine,
Ac, 533.

Remembrancer, the afflicteda-, 134.

Signs of the Times, by Dr Hethcrington, 42.

Statement of Principles and Objects of Free
Church Association for promoting the prin-
ciples of the Covenanted Reformation, 532.

The Great Journey, 135.

The People's Day, 408.

Thoughts on the Freedom of the Will, 182.

War, Conversation on, by Cabinet Minister
and Presbyterian Minister, 89.

fSee also Reviews.)

Dance, a time to, 359—shall Christians dance 1

404—inconsistency of dancing, 493.
Diary of It. II.. extracts from the, 176, 209.
Disruption of 1843, strictures on a sketch of the,

by Dr M'Crie, 81.
Domestic Constitution, the, 69, 257, 289, 500,

Dundee, ordination at, 3S8—opening of Church

at, 628.

Ecclesiastical intelligence. See Intelligence,

Editor, letters to, 81, 162, 599.
Education question, 620.
Educational System in Holland, the, 350.
Edward Irving, Rev., extract from charge deli-

vered by, 597.
Extracts, 67, 79, 160, 176, 209, 227, 258, 304,

328, 851, 359, 404, 495, 530, 533, 546, 597.

Free Church, proposed Association in the, on
behalf of the Covenanted Reformation, 58—
the, and the Original Secession, 823, 337—
Free Church Tract, No. X., reviewed, 228—
proceedings of Assembly of 1856 reviewed,

Glass, Robert, last days of, 120.

Godliness, the power of, essential to the suc-
cessful maintenance of Covenanted Reforma-
tion, 25.

Good for evil, 550.

Guthrie, Rev. Dr, and Saturday evening con-
certs, 599.

Hill, Rev. George, memorial of, 570.
Hislop, James, memoir of, 512.
Hobart, Rev. Thomas, ordination of, 584.
Holland, sketch of Protestant Church of, 103—

educational system in, 350.
Holy Spirit, the, Relievers exhorted not to

grieve, 248— the anointing of, 858, 399.
Home Mission at Ayr, 238, 326, 573.
"Home School" fM'Leod's), review of, 524.
Hunter, Kev. John, of Gateshead, memoir of, 366.

Intelligence, ecclesiastical, 45, 96,143,189, 238,
282, 888, 433, 573.

Intelligence, religious—Africa, Western, 47, 95,
136—America, 96—Asia, Western, 95—Bey-
rout, 48— Burmah, 385—Calabar, 47—China,
95, 142—New England, 835—Feejec Islands,
233—France, 237—India, 533—Japan, 141—
Jews, 281—Karens, 385—Madagascar, 45,188
—Turkey, 334, 584.

Keep house, learn to, 598.
Kirriemuir, ordination at, 190.

Lamb, the duty of following the, 506, 552.
Latitudinarianism unscriptural fcontinued),

Letters to the Editor, 81,162, 599.

Master and servant, 69—duties of masters, 257,

Meetings of supreme courts of Presbyterian

Churches in 1856, remarks on, 609.
Meetings of Synod, reports of, 283, 433, 577.
Memoir of James Hislor, 512.

Mission, Ayr Home, report of, 326-
Mission Fields, Foreign, sketches of, 136.
Missionary's Note-Book, a Leaf from a, 19.
Mutual Assistance Fund, the, 183.
Mystery of a Christian, the, 307.

M'Crie, the late Dr, the Works of, reviewed, 330,428.

M'Crie, Rev, Dr, strictures on a sketch of the Disruption of 1843, by, 81—and on his speech at meeting of the Knglish Presbyterian Synod, 162—and on his opening address to Free Church Assembly of I850, 613.

Mackintosh, John, memorials of, by Rev. N. M'Leod, reviewed, 3uy.

Obituary, 534.

Ordinances, Divine, abuses In regard to attendance upon, 171.

Organ question in United Presbyterian Synod reviewed, 609.

Original Secession, the, and the Free Church, 323, 337. See also Secession.

Orkney, reminiscences of early times of Secession in, 1.


A Brother's Wish, 608.

A Cross without—a Christ within, 224.

A Voice from Heaven, 352.

"Christ is all," 596.

Hymn of Nature, 123.

"I am weary," 23.

"I see my God in the Rising Sun," 223.

"Land a-head," 308.

Lays of ancient Israel.—Mo. I.—The crossing of the Red Sea, 595.

"My Rest is in Heaven," 163.

"My Soul thirsteth for God," 406.

On the martyrdom of John Brown, Priesthill, 247.

Praise for Afflictions, 80.

Righteousness, and Peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost, 223.

Submission to Afflictions, 308.

The Child's way to Heaven, 169.

The Death of an Infant, 170.

"The Lord hath need of Thee," 123.

The two Angels, 24.

The young Christian on her Deathbed, 124.

"Two Brothers left their Cottage Home," 407.

"Weep not for her," 11. Popery, specimens of, in present times, 126—

as it was and is, 370. Power of godliness essential to successful

maintenance of Covenanted Reformation,

25. Presbyterian Churches, meetings of supreme

courts of, in 1356, remarks on, 609. Protestant Churches, sketches of, 193. Providence, striking, 698.

Reformation. See Covenanted Reformation.

Reformed Presbyterians, the, on Covenant Renovation, 472.

Religious intelligence. See Intelligence, religious.

Remiuiscences of early times of Secession. Sec Secession.

Atonement of the Lamb: its nature, neces-
sity, and extent, 89.

The Christian Sabbath, Ac., by ministers of
different denominations, tjil.

The Home School; or Hints on Home Education, 524.

The People's Day, 403.

The Theology of Inventions, 429.

The Works of the late Dr M'Crie, 330, 428.

(See also Critical Notices.) Revival of religion, the, 113,152—at the Kirk

of Shotts, 254. Ritchie, Rev. Ebencxer, Jun., ordination of, 283. Ritchie, Rev. John, ordination of, 240. Rivet, Dr Andrew, the life of, abridged, 495. Robertson, Rev. Win., ordination oi, 388. Romans, the 8th Chapter of, in question and

answer, 548.

Sabbath, the, In New England, 335.

Sabbath, Christian, review of, 621.

Sabbath School, Main Street Church, Glasgow, report on, 576.

Sana in cat ion, on, 130.

Saturday evening concerts and Dr Outhrie, 599.

Secession, reminiscences of early times ol the, 1, 817, 361, 437, 585. See also Original Secession.

Sermon by late Rev. James Aitken, 49, 97—by Moderator of Synod on 1st May 1855, 2U5.

Servant and master, 69—duties uf servants, 500,562.

Shotts, revival of religion at Kirk of, 254

Shottsburn, ordination at, 240—intelligence respecting congregation at, 191.

Sketches of foreign Mission Fields, 130—of Protestant Churches, 193.

Solemn League, remarks on, 851.

Statement and reply in reference to Tobcriiouy Property Case, 624.

Stricturcs on a sketch of the Disruption of 1843, by the Rev. Dr M'Crie, 81—and on a speech delivered by him at meeting of English Presbyterian Synod, 162—and ou his opening address to Free Assembly of 1856, 613.

Sturrock's Remembrancer, extract from, 258.

Synod, reports of meetings of, 283, 433, 577.

Toberdony Property Case, judgment of Lord

Chancellor of Ireland in, 337—statement, and

reply, in reference to, 624. Thurso Congregation, Intelligence respecting,

189, 282— Property Case, speech of Win.

Penney, Esq., in, 416.
Traditions of Covenanters, 156, 241, 376.

Union, Christian, thoughts on, 160—proposed union of Presbyterians in England, 187.

United Presbyterian Synod and the new views of the Atonement, 276—deci.ion by, as to Organ question, 609.

Vows, on social and public, 199.

Watchfulness, Christian, 12,145.

Water, wisdom and goodness of God as seen In. 339,535.

White, Rev. Wm., Free Church Tract by, reviewed, 228.

Young, chapters for the, 6, 543, 550, 598.

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