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" Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of righteousness! Light and life to all he brings, Risen with healing in his wings: Mild he lays his glory by, Born that man no more may die; Born to raise the sons of earth; Born to give them second... "
A Collection of Hymns for the Use of Believers in Gods̓ Infinite and ... - Seite 19
1824 - 127 Seiten
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Painless Pageants: Three Delightfully Simple and Stress-Free Pageants for ...

Dee Marrow - 2007 - 74 Seiten
...heaven-born Prince of Peace, Hail the Sun of Righteousness! Light and life to all He brings, risen with healing in His wings. Mild He lays His glory by, born that we no more may die, born to raise us from the earth, born to give us second birth. Hark! the herald...
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