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" By each brother firm stand ; Let's be merry, and put a bright face on : What mortal can boast So noble a toast As a free and an accepted Mason. "
The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin - Seite 348
von Jonathan Swift - 1768
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Proceedings of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge: Of the Most Ancient and ...

Freemasons. Pennsylvania. Grand Lodge, Freemasons. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania - 1902 - 382 Seiten
...ladies adore, Than a free and accepted Mafon. VII. Then join hand in hand, By each brother firm (tand, Let's be merry and put a bright face on ; What mortal can boaft, So noble a toaft, As a free and accepted Mafon ? To all the Fraternity round the Globe. Anderson's Constitutions of 1723, with addition...
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The Minstrel Encyclopedia

Walter Ben Hare - 1921 - 222 Seiten
...Compass and the Square, Surround and elevate the earth. Then join hand in hand, A firm loyal band, Let's be merry and put a bright face on; What mortal can boast A nobler toast THIS MAKES 'EM LAUGH INTER. A single blue-fish can boast of five thousand offspring....
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