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" Lo! at the Wheels of her Triumphal Car, Old England's Genius, rough with many a Scar, Dragg'd in the Dust! his Arms hang idly round, His Flag inverted trails along the ground! Our Youth, all liv'ry'd o'er with foreign Gold, Before her dance; behind her... "
An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope - Seite 429
von Joseph Warton - 1782
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Alexander Pope and His Critics: An essay on the genius and writings of Pope ...

Joseph Warton - 2004 - 432 Seiten
...THE noble defcription of the triumph, of VICE, one of the moft pi<flurefque in al^ his works, mufl not be here omitted. Lo ! at the wheels of her, Old England's Genius, rough with many a fear, Dragp;'d in the duft; his arms hang idly round, His flag inverted trails along the ground ! Our youth,...
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