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" I WAS at [Erceldoune :] With Tomas spak Y thare; Ther herd Y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was king with croun ; And who him forsterd yare ; And who was bold baroun, As thair elders ware, Bi yere : — I. "
The Lives of the Scotish Poets: With Preliminary Dissertations on the ... - Seite 222
von David Irving - 1804 - 506 Seiten
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A Literary History of Scotland

John Hepburn Millar - 1903 - 703 Seiten
...Alliteration is employed, though not slavishly. The piece is highly interesting 1 "I wasa[t Erceldounc], With Tomas spak y thare ; Ther herd y rede in roune Who TYistrem gat and bare." as the first effort in English to render in verse the immortal story of Tristram...
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Joseph Ritson: A Critical Biography

Henry Alfred Burd - 1916 - 224 Seiten
...poet. It runs thus : "I was at Ercildoun (To supply hy conjecture, what is illegible.) With Thomas spak y thare, Ther herd y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat & bare, Who was king with croun, And who him fostered zare, And who was bold baroun, As thair elders...
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Arthurian Studies in Honour of P.J.C. Field

P. J. C. Field - 2004 - 333 Seiten
...contents of the first few folios, they also bear a resemblance to the opening stanza of 5i> Tristrem: Per herd y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare; Who was king wib croun, And who him fosterd 3are. (3-6)5 The 'Book of Sir Tristram' is the only one of the books...
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