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" Some angel guide my pencil, while I draw, What nothing less than angel can exceed, A man on earth devoted to the skies; Like ships in seas, while in, above the world. With aspect mild, and elevated eye, Behold him seated on a mount serene, Above the fogs... "
The Works of the Author of The Night-thoughts - Seite 98
von Edward Young - 1802 - 383 Seiten
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Publications, Ausgabe 139

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Publication - 1844
...Bringer of salvation ; Strong was the Word of God to succour thee ! GOOD AND BAD MEN CONTRASTED. YOUNG. WITH aspect mild, and elevated eye, Behold him seated...sons, the sceptred, and the slave, A mingled mob, a wandering herd, he sees, Bewildered in the vale ; in all unlike, His full reverse in all, what higher...
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Wellesley Magazine, Band 1

...fruitless fire Or but subserves another's gain." And beside this put that ideal of the 18th century, " With aspect mild and elevated eye, Behold him seated...storm; All the black cares and tumults of this life Excite his pity, not impair his peace, Earth's genuine sons, the sceptred and the slave, A mingled...
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